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This place is dedicated to who still conceiving radio amateur like a creative activity, of learning, experimentation and intercomunication. I sincerely believe that the unsubstantial chat  it has occupied (in our country) the space that formerly use to congregate enthusiastic youths that, attracted by the communications techniques, found much more: Friendship, solidarity and passion.
On this times, when consumption society teach us the infernal art of satiating our whishes buying any thing (among them, our radio equipment
), we oppose our right to enjoy of our creative capacity and the happiness of understand the instruments we use...
The majority of the technical articles has been inspired by topics of popular conversation in our country, often very controversial, for that I believe it that it is worthwhile the effort of to do a more exhaustive development that facilitates their learning and/or understanding. I hope they are useful for you...
Do promotes in your club the realization of Knowledge Fairs to exchange books, magazines, design programs, circuits knowledge and experiences, where you can show your work and to learn from others. Where you can teach something of what you know and enjoy doing it...
My english knowledge it is not so good to make exact translations. I am sorry for reading difficults... If you understand Spanish I suggest go to spanish site to text comparing...

¡You can help another Hams...! If you can help me with translations I am very pleased to credit your collaboration on the site pages.
Everything in this site can be freely copied and/or reproduced in any support, but... mentioning the source. All the authors have been reserved the rights on the fiction stories here published. All technical texts use SI units and formats and need "symbol" font to read it correctly.

Index of Topics
Technical   [N]ovice   [I]ntermediate  [G]eneral    [S]uperior
[I] NEW (preliminary, last upgrade 2006-12-11) The "Pamperita" antenna

A novel and interesting approach to a classic trap multiband antenna that will solve a common mounting problem. Very practical to substitute "long wires", to rise with kites or to hide of the neighbors...! it doesn't needs transmatch...!

[N] Very Oldie! Some of astronomy (only in spanish)

Published originally in 1992 via on Packet Radio and awaiting being rewrited with good images. Basic notions of astronomy for Hams. If you have imagination there are not problems with it...

[I]  NEW (preliminary, last upgrade 2006-12-13) The Trap-Balun (an improvement to the "Choke Balun").

Creole technical novelty: A light monoband balun that presents bigger impedance than the popular and efficient choke balun on working frequency

[I] NEW (preliminary, last upgrade 2008-02-07) The "Syringe" antenna revised (an improvement to the "Resonant Feed Line Dipole").
An end feed half-wave monoband dipole having same feed impedance of standard center feed dipole. Ideal to rise with kites or to make firm on the CATV posts
[N] Very Oldie! How operate in Packet Radio (only in spanish)

An old article had published many years as Packet bulletin. Can still be useful for those who begin today in this modality. Use of BBS, Bulletins, Messages, etc.

[N] UP-TO-DATE "Hambukito" Project (only in spanish)

The "Hambukito" project, it is an intent of endowing us with a little book in our language that summarizes most of the characteristic aspects of our activity. From the disappearance of the Amateur Radio Handbook spanish translation that Arbó Editorial carried out, our comarcs have lost a valuable reference point.
It is my intention to pick up something of that "Sacred Fire" as it called it by my friend Ruben Andrés (LU 1CGI) and modestly try to vivify the flame. (There is already abundant material that, although it is in revision state, can be useful now...) More information and material in the project's page ...

[I] The of the sigmática (underground) antenna enigma  (Last upgrade 2005-08-08) (only in spanish)

A controversial antenna. Truth, myth or fantasy?. had Julio Verne used it in his center of the Earth trip?. A serious study of the antenna that Fabio Zerpa didn't cheer up to publish...

[N] The annoying noises, the basic thing (Last upgrade 2003-03-27) (only in spanish)

Static, Noise of artificial origin. Generalities. When it is possible to eliminate it. The antennas and the noise...  

[G] Dialogue with J... (Last correction 2003-08-01) (only in spanish)

An amusing technical dialogue between the radioaamateur and academic world, Or "About a project of a North American University where the Argentinean Ham Radio put the tablespoon... "

[I] That antenna is not so difficult (Last upgrade, rather cosmetic, 2006-12-31) (only in spanish)

To understand once and for all, why the "A" antenna it is "better" that "B" antenna...

[N] Frequently upgraded Ham FAQ. (Last upgrade 2006-12-12) (only in spanish)

Answers to questions frequent techniques of the Hobby on different topics. As in grocery, of all a little...

[I] The magnetic loop antenna (Last upgrade 2002-08-28) (in spanish)

An antenna that it can really be the solution for efficient communications in low bands when there are not space neither height. Used by the North American army as campaign antenna, with theorical calculations and práctical data...

[N] The  limits contacts (Last upgrade: 2000-08-28)
Can we receive signs that are 20 dB below the noise of our receiver? Is it possible to communicate with equivalent powers to those that it uses a neuron?. A fascinating experience within your reach...
Also an analysis of the PSK31 (in DigiPan) in action, copying a sign -10 dB below the noise...!!!  
[S] Calibrated noise generator (preliminary, last upgrade: 2000-09-07) (only in spanish)

Tips for construction of a calibrated thermal noise generator with common components. 

The wonderful Series - Parallel transformation (Last update 2000-06-14) (Idem en español)

A very common technique that solves many necessities of impedance matching. Simple and effective method that also allows to understand the principles involved in many circuits such as transmatches, antenna hairpins and much more...!

[G] Design notes on direct conversion receivers. Endless project. (Last update: 29/08/00) (only in Spanish language site, don't translated yet). 

A modern direct conversion receiver from 1 to 500 MHz. Based in legendary Rick Campbell's "R2". Design notes. Circuits and recommendations.

[I] Making radiofrecuency inductors (last updated 2006-09-09)  (only in spanish)

Solving mysteries... How to calculate inductores, solenoid and toroids. Q Calculation, distributed capacity and effective inductance. Coils won't be a problem anymore...!

[I] Small mythology about radiation patterns (Last update 14/08/00) (Idem en español)

The radiation diagrams and how to take advantage of them is something simple of understanding, unaccountably around they spread myths that prevent to take advantage of the best in our antennas...

[I] Using 75 Ohms lines to feed 50 Ohms antennas (Last update 14/08/00) (Idem en español)

If you have had some doubt about advantages of using economic 75 Ohms lines of. Here you will find those answers that will tranquilize you.

[N] Rays!!!  (Last update 14/08/00) (only in spanish)

Is the lightning rod necessary in your tower? Is it necessary ground it?. Your security and the one of yours depend on understanding how and why.

[N] Radial mythology (only in spanish)

A paper with varied concept errors that survives all the times (in spite of the handbook)...

[I] How phasing 4 dipoles to get a colineal (Last updated 2006-12-15) (only in spanish)

It is very easy to make. The concept is applicable also to setting in phase of directional antennas arrays.

[S] The annoying noises, the calculations... (Last update 29/08/00) (only in spanish) 

A detailed explanation of such questions as: The signal to noise ratio,  Noise Factor,  Noise Figure, receivers sensibility , etc. 

[N] How the GPS works (only in spanish)

A very simple explanation of operation this exciting instrument.

[N] The radio in the sport navigation (only in spanish)

Common applications of the radio in this nobleman deports. It can be good to pass him the link to some friend that navigate (for the water, not for the Internet...)

[I] Interplanetary communications (Last update 17/08/00) (Idem en español) 

Amateur radio interplanetary communications possibilities. Use of common equipment. Range. Possible communications with future missions, manned or not, to Mars. To begin to investigate...

The SWR. That great confusion... (Last update 26/08/00) (Idem en español) 

Mistaken concepts that incredibly overcome time barriers the and remove peacefull dreams to the fans. Here you will find how to trhow  it away...

[S] The Smith chart, practical uses in the amateur radio (last update 2005-10-16).(only in spanish)

An article that tries to fill a hole in the amateur literature, especially those of Spanish speech. It is not for beginners, but who is interested seriously on transmission lines and the impedances matching will find this useful and instructive article.

[S] Analysis of the normal propagation conditions in  F.M.E. -  F.U.E. systems   (last update 2004-05-25) (only in spanish)

A quite exhaustive explanation of the way in usually propagates a  of VHF / UHF signal. Demonstration of the most common formulas. More mathematical that would be suitable in an amateur site, but if you are one of those that want to know all the "reasons", here you will find at least one...

[N] How to communicate with a SSB station using your FM rig (only in spanish)

It is not necessary to make anything, it works without touch anything. Try it...


¿Quo Vadis?  (only in spanish)

¿Must to change tje Ham Radio?. Essay. 

Comprar tecnología ¿Un dilema? (only in spanish)

The rig, another electrodomestic? ¿The thing is most important than us? 

Radio CF stories
An unhappy world: A satiric story for "experts" (do read: Hams, especially argentinian hams...) (only in spanish)
The mutation: Another satiric story for hams (any likeness with the reality is a pure intention......) (only in spanish)
Normal C.F. storiess
Invasion: Dramatic-satiric story. If you have mor of 40 year old an you ar latinoamerican yuu are sought something of this... (only in spanish)
500 years: A possibilitu to think posibilidad para pensar... (only in spanish)
Memories: Un humilde homenaje a H. P. Lovecraft. (only in spanish)
The home: Story of de Rubén Mileca (ex LU 1EHQ). Very good... (only in spanish)


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